Home Based Programs FAQs:

What am I responsible for as a parent?

Parents are an integral part of Lead Foundation’s program – we can’t do it without you!  Our team is here to support you learning strategies to help your child and family achieve your goals.  Goals are set based on your priorities with your team. Parents are involved in all aspects of Lead’s programs; this includes team meetings, goal-setting, documentation and team communication.

Do I need to be with the Child Development Specialist and my child when they are at home?

You do need to be directly involved with your team and your child’s program. Lead requires you and/or another guardian over 18 to be in the home for each session.

How long does it take before my child’s program starts?

Program start dates depend on our team’s availability.  Once you return your parent questionnaire, we will let you know regularly about possible program start dates.

faq02What will happen in the first couple of weeks?

Your team will contact you over the first few weeks to arrange a time to meet with you and your child.  This is a great time to get to know each team member and what their role will be in your program.  Your CDS will work with you and your child to build rapport to understand your child’s strengths and areas of need.

Why is play important?

Children learn best through play. It is through play that we experience the world, learn social skills, and develop problem-solving skills.

What is the individual program plan or individual service plan?

An individual plan will be developed with you specifically for your child.  The plan focuses on short- term and long-term goals.  You and your team creates and helps implement these goals.  At Lead we strive to make your child’s plan easy to read and understandable for everyone on the team.

faq03Can my CDS take my child on an outing and/or drive my child?

Outings, such as play dates, may help target your child’s goals as listed in the individual plan. You will be required to provide your written permission that our staff transport your child.  Please refer to your Parent Agreement for further information.

Will there be days when I don’t have a CDS?

Yes. CDS’s are required to attend a variety of Professional Development (PD Days) throughout the year and families will be notified ahead of time.  Professional Development days include topics related to your child’s program along with opportunities for all our staff to network and problem-solve together.  There are no programs on statutory holidays and between Christmas and New Years as the Lead office is closed.  Your family will have a binder with a calendar outlining important dates to remember.

Lead staff are entitled to wellness days, sick days and vacation time.  We will do our best to ensure you have as much notice as possible for these days.   If your CDS is going to be away for an extended period (i.e. a week’s vacation), we will do our best to find a substitute during this time.

Can I put my child on a waitlist if they have not yet met with FSCD?

You are welcome to fill out and provide parent information at any time.  We do need FSCD support to plan and start your child’s program.  Please stay in touch with us about your plans for your child as you gather assessments and information.  As soon as you gather this information and send it to us, your child will be on a program wait list.

Please don’t hesitate to call your Program and Behaviour Specialist and /or Program Coordinator if you have any questions.

Alberta Education Based Programs FAQs:

Do you only provide CDS’s (aides) to certain schools?

Lead provides supports to a variety of preschools, playschools and community day cares throughout Calgary and area. Educational aides also known as Child Development Specialists may be a part of your child’s Alberta Education based program supports based on your child’s needs, location and staff availability.

Which staff may be included in my child’s team?

Lead’s teams consist of multi-disciplinary members depending on your child and family needs. Teams often include a Coordinator, Program & Behaviour Specialist, Speech-Language Pathologist and Child Development Specialist. Additional team members may include an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Physical Therapist.

Do I lose program hours if my child is sick?

If your child is sick, his/her program may be cancelled in order to maintain the health of our staff as well as your family.  Your child development specialist may use this time for planning for your child.  Your therapists may not be available to reschedule your child’s visit as they have set this time aside for you and your child.  Please discuss with our team as these events arise.

Who are Lead Foundation’s Child Development Specialists (CDS), and do I get a say in who works with my child?

Lead’s CDS’s are the in-home / educational aides who work directly with your child and you. Many of our CDS’s have a diploma or degree and/or previous related experience. We look for staff who have the “it” factor when working with your children.  All staff at Lead Foundation must have a Police Check, Child Welfare Check and reference checks on file.  Staff receive an orientation to ensure your child receives the best program support possible.

faq06Can I put my child on a waitlist if they are not ready for preschool yet?

You are welcome to fill out a parent questionnaire at any time.  Please stay in touch with us about your plans for your child as you gather assessments and information.  As soon as you gather this information and send it to us, your child will be on a program wait list.

How do I book a speech or language assessment?

If you are looking for a speech or language assessment, our staff may be available to plan an assessment for you.  We can discuss our availability and cost depending on their caseloads.

Alberta Health Services provides free assessments and therapy through their clinics.  Their contact number for preschool assessments and/or therapy is 403-955-1300.

Please don’t hesitate to call your Program Coordinator/ Teacher or other team members if you have any questions.


Our main office location is Unit 209, 5271 Memorial Drive E. Calgary, AB T2A 4V1
We also have a SW office location that is available by appointment only or for workshops and events throughout the year. The SW Office address is 1840 – 34 Avenue SW. Calgary, AB


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