Thank you for your interest in making a financial contribution to our families and community programs. Lead Foundation is a non-profit registered charity (Charity No. 863831467RR001).

How can you donate?

  • By emailing to learn more
  • Giving us a call at 403-270-7912 to learn more
  • Donations may also be given via cheque made payable to Lead Foundation and mailed to Unit 209, 5271 Memorial Drive E. Calgary, Alberta T2A 4V1

Goals of Fundraising Initiatives

  • Support all of our families including building our resource lending library and purchasing learning materials for our children.
  • Support our group programs including group programs, activity days for our children and their siblings. These programs are often stepping stones that help children participate in community activities, such as beavers, girl guides, and gymnastics
  • Help bring down some of the barriers our families experience in accessing the community by providing support for parent groups, online information sharing,and in home support to parents.

Successful Fundraising Initiatives

Parent and Community Donations:

Every year we receive donations from our parents, staff and community members.  These donations may be in terms of time, monetary, and/or materials, such as toys.  Some of our families have donated specific items, for example, a laminator to improve the efficiency and cost of program materials.  We appreciate every donation that we receive to our program.


  Skip the Depot (2019)

Never go to the bottle depot again! Skip the Depot is a free commercial and residential recycling service operator. This program allows customers to have their recyclable bottles picked up from their home and the proceeds can be donated to Lead Foundation as we are a community partner. Proceeds from the bottles donated will be used to purchase new resources for our toy library.


Go Dental (2014-2015)

Go Dental is one of Lead Foundation’s community partners. Go Dental is an active participant and supporter of multiple organizations in the Calgary community and beyond. In 2014 Go Dental held a fundraising initiative via facebook, with $5.00 for every new follower contributing to our generous donation of $995.00. Go Dental continues to support Lead through additional fundraising efforts and opportunities to educate our children and families about oral health.


Allies for Autism Foundation

Allies for Autism Foundation is a Calgary based charitable organization founded in 2000.  Our mission is to build support for autism by facilitating opportunities for developments in autism in the areas of learning, research, independent living and public awareness.

Each year, Allies for Autism Foundation undertakes granting initiatives to support autism related programs in the city of Calgary and surrounding areas.  Lead Foundation is thrilled to have been awarded grants which gave us the opportunity to update our technology including laptops, electronic devices (iPad, iTouch) and therapeutic apps, as well as game systems (Wii, Xbox Kinect) and laptops for our children, families and staff.


sun-and-salsaLead Foundation and Sun and Salsa (2006 -2009)

( July 19, 2009

The Kensington Business Association (Kensington-Louise Crossing Business Revitalization Zone) was incorporated in 1985 as a non-profit corporation under the Municipal Government Act.  More than 250 businesses from a variety of disciplines including service, professional, retail, restaurant, government and health care, work in a cooperative environment to jointly raise and administer funds which includes the Sun and Salsa event.

For three years Lead Foundation has been the shared recipient of the funds raised through corn chip and bottled water sales at this annual family event. Local businesses compete while offering tastings of their Salsa recipe as the event attendees enjoy the festivities and vote on the winner.

ronald-grantRonald MacDonald Grant (2005)

Grant used to purchase toys for toy lending library

Safeway We Care Program (2006-2008)

The Safeway We Care program is a uniquely successful grassroots program, wherein the employees at each Safeway store in Western Canada chooses and raises funds for a local charity. The employees then work with their chosen charity from January to April to develop a fundraising and awareness program for that organization.

The Safeway We Care Program was launched in 1998 and has since raised over $20 million for more than 2,000 local charities and causes. In 2007, over $3.4 million was raised for employee-chosen charities. The program operates in all 215 Safeway stores across Western Canada, as well as all  (12) Safeway owned Lucerne processing plants, (4) distribution centres and (4) offices in Canada.

In 2008, the Safeway We Care program will focus on raising funds for children and families living with physical, developmental and neurological disabilities.

wildroseWild Rose Foundation Grant (2007)

Grant used to upgrade technology infrastructure.



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